Sheet Metal Bible

Sheet Metal Bible by Timothy Remus
Wolfgang Productions (November 1, 2010) | ISBN: 1929133901 | PDF | 13.28 MB | 176 pages

<div>Sheet Metal Bible is a compendium of sheet metal fabrication projects, everything from simple shaping operations to multi-piece creations like fenders and motorcycle gas tanks. Each of these operations is photographed in detail, including the building of a buck when necessary. Meaty captions help the reader to understand what s really happening as a flat sheet of steel slowly morphs into the convex side of a gas tank.  The book is filled with work by legendary fabricators like Ron Covell, Rob Roehl and Bruce Terry. Side bars scattered throughout the book include interviews that help explain how each of these master metal men learned his craft, which tools they prefer, and where to put the seams on a multi-piece fabrication project.</div>

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