Database Systems Using Oracle (2nd Edition)

Database Systems Using Oracle (2nd Edition) by Nilesh Shah
Prentice Hall; 2 edition (May 23, 2004) | ISBN: 0131018574 | PDF | 13.20 MB | 456 pages

This easy-to-read book provides quick lessons on relational database terminology and normalization with very little effort. Updated for Oracle 9i, its thorough coverage of Oracle’s SQL and PL/SQL and introduction to advanced SQL topics makes this a must for busy professionals. The many examples, with output shown as screenshots, provide ample opportunity for the reader to easily understand and learn to use Oracle and SQL. First introducing relational database concepts, the book covers SQL (Structured Query Language); Programming Language (the extension to SQL); and then proceeds to advanced topics, which include Oracle architecture and database administration with enterprise tools. For any IT professional who needs to understand SQL or Oracle database systems.

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